5 Creative Things You Can Do With Dried Roses

A fresh bouquet of roses is a special gift given to someone to show how much we love and admire them. This is why when we get this kind of present, we desire to keep it for a very long time. But roses don’t stay fresh forever. With time, the beautiful flowers will wilt and die. When this occurs, you may start wondering what to do to give the dead rose bouquet a new life. In this article, we will look at five creative things you can do with dried roses on your own.

To use a dead rose bouquet, you first need to check the damage level and decide where the new composition will be placed. The level of damage will determine whether the rose bouquet can be transformed or need to be discarded.

1 - Make Potpourri

Remember those bowls of potpourri your grandmother had in her room when you were a kid? You can make something similar with dried roses. Put the half-dead ingredients in a small cotton bag or bowl where you are going to mix the potpourri. To improve the scents, you can add strong spices like rosemary, cinnamon, sage, thyme, etc.

2 - Make Scented Candles 

Dried rose petals can also be used to make fascinating aroma candles. You can even add some drops of rose oil to enhance the scent when the candles are burning. Surely, aroma candles would make an excellent gift for any occasion.

3 - Produce a Decorate Soap

Another creative thing you can do with dried roses is to use them to make a decorative soap. To do this, gather the flower buds or petals into a container and add a glycerin-based solution. You can produce both big and small soap items for your bathroom.

4- Make Rose Floral Water at Home

Producing floral water at home is very simple. You only need water, dried flower buds, and a pot. However, the boiling process requires special attention. Floral water is beneficial for the face, hands, and skin. Plus, it does not expire and can even be used to add scents into the room.

5 - Keep the Dead Rose Bouquet

Before you place the dead roses bouquet, you have to hang it upside down and spray it with a hairspray to preserve the flower. Repeat this step the following day. This will help maintain the shape of the dead roses, which can be put in a beautiful vase. You can also create the decoration using a picture frame and a wooden box.  

Also, if the rose petals are still in great condition, there are many ways you can use them to turn on your partner in a romantic setting, .i.e., you can place the rose petals in a bowl to decorate the dining table or sprinkle some on the bed.

When used in a creative way, dried rose flowers can still remind us of the sweet words and feelings we want to remember over and over again.

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