6 Tips for Ordering Floral Bouquets from Online Florists

Sending flowers to yourself or a special someone is perfect any day of the week for any reason. You can send flowers just because or to celebrate a special moment. Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful, fragrant, and colourful floral arrangement delivered to their front door?

When you want to purchase and send flowers through an online florist in Toronto, here are some great tricks and tips to make the most of your online shopping experience.

Tip #1: Explore the florist’s website.

Take a little time and explore the different types of flowers, floral arrangements, gifts, and other items available from the florist. Keep a notepad nearby to write down anything of interest and where you found it. By familiarizing yourself with the florist’s website now, it will make it easier to order flowers later.

Tip #2: Review the florist’s terms and conditions.

Read and review delivery policies and practices to understand how long it will take to have your flowers delivered. Online florists will also have other pages that explain how they choose flowers, why there can be variations between online images and the flowers delivered, and so on. Make sure you understand these.

Tip #3: How easy is it to get customer service from the florist?

Good customer service is part of the online shopping experience. While we may not always have questions or need assistance, it is nice to know that help is there when we do need it. Does the florist have an online chat feature or phone number you can call to get help? How fast can you reach them? You want a florist that you can reach during normal business hours, of course, to get help when you need it.

Tip #4: Can you customize floral arrangements?

We understand that some floral arrangements are pre-set because they are extremely popular or reflect what currently is in season. Yet, there are times when you want to personalize your arrangement to suit specific needs. Online florists should offer customization options either by completing an online form or directly calling the florist.

Tip #5: Do you feel comfortable with the florist?

After spending time on their website, exploring what floral arrangements are available, and getting answers to any questions you have, the florist should make you feel comfortable. You should have confidence in their knowledge and ability to deliver exactly what you want. If you feel uneasy, you may want to shop elsewhere to avoid an unpleasant experience.

Tip #6: Don’t overlook local florists.

One mistake some people make is looking for online florists that are part of a chain or corporate brand name. Yet, by ignoring their local florists, they could be missing out on a florist with a solid reputation in the community. Local florists are also able to provide faster service and better customer service experiences since they are local. Plus, when you buy from a local florist, you are supporting your local economy.

To find stunning floral arrangements to send yourself or someone you want to surprise in Toronto and the GTA, please feel free to browse our selections online today! You may also contact Bloomen at (844) 256-6636 if you have further questions or would like to customize a floral arrangement.