Bloomen – Chivalry Is Still Alive and with Flowers

There is a saying that chivalry is dead, that men don’t practice the medieval knight’s Code of Chivalry, especially when it comes to romance. Others would argue that is a good thing that chivalry is gone because of its archaic practices do not reflect the contemporary culture. I have even heard people, men and women alike, say that chivalry is atrocious because it emphasizes patriarchal ideologies. I would have to argue that none of these are correct and that men today need to embrace and demonstrate their chivalric conducts.

Chivalry – true chivalry, that is – has been associated with Medieval knighthood culture and code. It is about respect, fairness, honour, among other excellent qualities. However, I’m not saying you should go out, buy a chainmail armour and prance around on a white steed. I’m saying that these values are still reflected today and should be understood by men. The word ‘knight’ is so antiquated, unless you’re in the royal family, so I like to call the contemporary chivalric men ‘gentlemen’.

Gentlemen understand that with chivalry comes the concept of chivalry love, or courtly love. Courtly love, made famous by literary works by Chaucer, Sir Thomas Malory, Marie de France, and Dante, is about true companionship, it about impressing the woman you like through faithfulness, respect, admiration, and sensuality. And what better way is there to impress a woman than giving her flowers, like a knight to a princess. Giving your woman beautiful and elegant flowers arranged by Bloomen is the best way to bring forth the gentlemen within you. Bloomen has the best farm fresh, organic flowers in North America that are carefully arranged by the best floral consultants to help you woo your fair maiden.

As a gentleman, you want to tell your significant other that you care deeply for her, that like a medieval knight, you are willing to fight great evil to protect her. Gifting her a bouquet from Bloomen delivers that message. As a gentleman, you have an obligation to take care of your woman, to make her happy, to express her your love, and to be her companion. This is your perfect chance to surprise her with Bloomen flowers, to enact chivalry and remind her how much you care for her.

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