Dear Mama


Mothers; Our first walk, our first laugh, and our first cry. Our first detention, our first bad report card, and our first rebellion. Our first love, our first heartache, and our first alcoholic drink. Our mothers have been there for all of those, as our friend, guide, disciplinarian, and healer.

Words cannot describe the incredible women who have been integral to our upbringing; those who have shaped and molded our lives with their compassion and affection.

Mothers, whom sacrifice their time and their energy to cook your dinner after getting home from work. They wash and fold your laundry every weekend so you have fresh clothes for school. They sit with you and try to help you with your math homework even though they don’t understand it. Mothers, whom scold you for making a mess in your bedroom then spends hours cleaning it for you. Mothers, whom embarrass you at your birthday parties by kissing you in front of your friends. They stay up all night in worry tending to your fever despite having work in the morning. Mothers, whom look upon with pride as you walk across the stage for your diploma. They welcome your significant other to the house for the first time.  Mothers, whom kiss your forehead and whisper a blessing on your wedding day. Mothers, whom hold your newborn child in their arms and say a little prayer. Mothers, whom are always there, wherever and whenever you need them.

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