Decorate Your Home with Christmas Flowers

The holiday season offers a great time of year to decorate your home with a wide array of lights, ornaments, and other stunning decorations. Some people also set up a nativity scene. Everyone has their unique holiday traditions for decorating their home. You can even bring the outdoors indoors with live pine trees, wreaths, and fresh Christmas floral bouquets.

Whether you are looking for that perfect centerpiece for the dinner table or some additional colour to supplement your lights and other decorations, there are several ways to add a little bit of the outdoors inside your home this holiday season.

Christmas Bouquets

The right Christmas bouquet can be the perfect accompaniment to different areas of the home. You could use poinsettias around the Christmas tree or a gorgeous bouquet of red roses and white carnations, along with the right greenery for your dinner table. Your bouquet could also include pine, berries, or mistletoe. With the right vases, your arrangements will be the star of your home.

Christmas Wreaths

If you want a stunning wreath to hang on your door or use as a centerpiece on the table, you have a few different options. If you add one to a table, the center is perfect for a candle or various condiments, like salt and pepper shakers. Some people also convert their Christmas wreathes into candle holders with four candles on the wreath and larger candle in the center.

Classic Christmas Flower Centrepieces

If you want to stick with traditional Christmas flowers, you can choose from amaryllis, lilies, roses, holly, and pine branches. Your bouquets can further be enhanced with some tinsel in gold or silver. You also want to choose flowers that fit the colours of the season: reds, whites, and greens.

Christmas Flowers for Your Chandelier

If you want to go all-out, you could take some of the flowers from your Christmas floral arrangements and carefully weave them around the base of the lights on your chandelier. It is easy to secure them in place with some floral wiring, which you can request form your florist.

Christmas Flowers and Candles

The use of candles can further add to the ambiance of a room only lit by Christmas lights. Rather than just sticking a candle on a candle holder, you can use different types of Christmas flowers around the base for a truly stunning display. You could also put a candle inside a vase and then set it in the middle of the floral bouquet.

There are several different ways to add beauty and charm to your home this Christmas with the right Christmas flowers and bouquets. We invite you to browse our Christmas and holiday floral arrangements online or contact Bloomen directly for customized arrangements for your home.

You can even have fresh flowers delivered every day throughout the Christmas season. We offer free delivery in the Greater Toronto Area. Call 844-256-6636 today!

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