Flowers Reflect Your Personality

Everyone has a favourite for flowers; flowers reflect your personality. This article will consider what your favourite flower says about you. More than that, your choice of flowers will reveal a lot about your personality, traits, and characteristics. They will also convey a message to the recipient of your selection.

Red Roses & Love

When we give flowers to someone, we use those floral gifts as a tool to speak on our behalf. A common example is the flowers we may send on Valentine's Day.

Traditionally, we send roses on Valentine's Day. This tradition stretches way back to the time of the ancient Greeks. It is said that the Greek Goddess Aphrodite (Goddess of sexual love and beauty) scratched herself on the thorn of a white rose, which caused the rose to turn red.

The traditional connection between love and roses has spanned the years. Today, on Valentine's Day, the stores are filled with wonderful displays of deep red blooms. Roses make a statement saying that you are romantic and stylish. They also indicate your sensitivity.

What Message Do Other Flowers Convey?

Of course, not all roses are red, and the various colours each have a specific meaning.

  • Pink shouts out beauty and gentility.
  • White is seen as a sign of purity and innocence.
  • Yellow represents happiness and friendship.
  • Blue is less brash and shows modesty.

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Lillies are another popular flower sent as a gift and proclaim that you are blessed with a surplus of magnificent ideas. They also represent the passion that is perhaps obscured by purity and modesty.


Tulips illustrate that you are a perfectionist. You may also be a popular and loving individual. In the case of tulips, the colour carries additional indications of traits. This joy and thankfulness is represented by yellow tulips and white, indicating purity. A red tulip, like the rose, also indicates romantic feelings and loyalty.


Sunflowers are bold and reach for the sunlight. They suggest the qualities of someone with an outgoing nature and high creativity.


The study of flowers' messages is far greater than this short article can adequately cover. Still, we hope it has started you along the path of discovery.

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