Get Well Blooms!

Sending your friends and loved ones get well floral arrangement conveys your warm wishes for a speedy recovery. Whether they are ill or are recovering from an accident or personal injuries, showing you care with stunning flowers provides a wonderful reminder that you care and are thinking about them.  

At Bloomen, our get well bouquets are the perfect way to express affection and love towards your friends and family who are not doing so well. From bright and colourful floral arrangements to ones that offer a simple, yet beautiful single colour with some greenery, you have a wide arrange of options in our Get Well Flower Collection.

You can choose from one of our elegant flower arrangements online. We even offer FREE regular delivery in the Greater Toronto Area.

When selecting get well flowers, we recommend thinking about what colours and scents of flowers would help make someone feel better. If you are sending flowers to a younger recipient, like a child or teenager, we recommend multicoloured arrangements with bright yellow flowers to put a smile on their face.

Still can’t decide? We can also create a custom arrangement. Our floral experts are happy to customize an arrangement just for you!

Below, we've listed some of our popular 'Get Well' arrangements with FREE DELIVERY:

The Phalaenopsis Orchid is  no doubt one of the most classic plants out there.  Featuring  white and often a shade of light-tinted petals. Brighten up any room with a touch grace and sophistication. Send this to your special recipient and you they will not be disappointed. 


 Bloomen's Purple Rain is the perfect arrangement for any occasion. The soft whites create a perfect backdrop for the purples to really pop. No matter the weather, Purple Rain will brighten up your recipient's space.




Let it be known how much love you share with these classic, elegant, and sophisticated premium long-stemmed white roses. This bouquet speaks volumes of how much you love and respect you have. 


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