A Guide to Buying Preserved Roses

Flower lovers get so much joy from cutting flowers from a garden or a spontaneous bouquet, but that joy is also short-lived. Before long, the flowers fade and die in the vase. While some people will switch to silk or dried flowers, another option exists. In this guide to buying preserved roses, you will see why these forever flowers are a much better choice.

Why Choose Preserved Roses Over Dried Roses?

Dried flowers are beautiful in their own right but don't retain the same voluminosity and life they had when they were freshly picked. Instead, they are delicate and fragile as the petals take on a paper-like feeling. This is great in the right floral arrangement where you need subtlety in a temporary display. It's not so good for a long-term solution for displaying life-like roses.

The process can lead to a loss of color in the petals as the vibrancy deteriorates in the drying process. What was once a full and bold red rose from an admirer quickly fades away once dried. It never has quite the same impact. Preserved red roses, conversely, are a more obvious symbol of eternal love.

How Are Preserved Roses Made?

The distinction between dried roses and preserved roses comes from the preparation process. Roses are cut at their best from the bush and preserved as quickly as possible to avoid decolouration and wilting. The right mixture of glycerin and plant extracts locks in hydration and keeps the roses at their fullest for longer. This mixture is natural and non-toxic, so there are no risks when bringing the flowers into your home.

How Long Do Forever Roses Last?

When we say long-term floral arrangement, we aren't kidding. The best-preserved roses can last up to two years when treated well. The right preservation process should maintain the moisture and look of these real roses for a long time. Those carefully displaying them shouldn't see any significant problems for a long time. Still, they aren't entirely invisible. That is why it can help to display these semi-permanent roses in a display case to prevent damage from environmental conditions or people handling them.

Finding Quality Forever Roses For Your Home.

The best starting point for finding quality preserved roses is to make sure they truly are real roses. We promise the very best natural roses every time, but some disreputable companies will try and sneak in silk roses instead. You want to work with a company that understands the variety and beauty of these flowers and the art of floral arrangements. While you may end up paying more for these preserved flowers than dried ones, it is worth it for the visual appeal and longevity.

Let Bloomen Take Care Of Your Floral Arrangement Needs.

As this guide for buying preserved roses shows, it pays to get the very best real roses from a trusted source. The right forever roses can make a big difference to any celebration or family event and offer memories that last for years. Talk to Bloomen for flower delivery in Toronto and discover the perfect preserved flowers today.