Must-have Tips to Revive Wilted Flowers

We've all been there, our brand-new flower bouquet is beginning to wilt, and it seems like our beautiful flowers are doomed to leave us before their time. And sure, nobody likes to see flowers die, but the good news is that you can save them if you act now.

Today's article will cover everything you need to learn how to save wilted flowers; that way, your flower vase will last longer, and you'll be able to enjoy the sight for a few more days. so keep on reading as we learn how to revive wilted flowers.

Make sure the vase is sparkly and clean.

A good home goes a long way to make us happy, and the same applies to flowers, so ensuring your chosen vase is clean for them goes a long way.

Clean your vase with hot water and dishwashing liquid. Make sure to scrub it thoroughly and let it dry, so no harmful substances remain on it. By doing this, we can make sure to kill any potentially harmful bacteria that could be causing the wilting and ensure your flowers are in a better environment.

Also, keep in mind that plastic vases are never ideal for flowers, so try to upgrade your vase if you are still using plastic.

Trim your flowers

Trimming and cleaning your flowers go a long way to keeping them healthy, and you should do it even if they still need to be wilting.

So where should you start? First, take some time to remove any dying foliage; these rotting pars can extend fast if you leave them on your own, so trimming them as soon as you see them is ideal.

After that, you must look at the stem and cut it at a 45-degree angle. Doing this will allow your flowers to soak in more water, and their health will improve. So make a habit of cutting the stems for any flowers you receive.

Add some complements to the water.

Last but not least, keep adding some extra ingredients to the water so your flowers get more nutrients and can get some life back into their petals.

Sugar and plant food, of course, will make sure that your flowers get extra nutrients and can last longer, but a bit of bleach can also help. Now, bleach isn't inherently a flower nutrient, and you shouldn't use it in large quantities. But it can help get rid of harmful bacteria, so keep it in mind.

In Summary

More often than not, there isn't a singular reason my flowers are drooping, which is why you should cover all bases when trying to revive wilting flowers.

First, you need clear water and a clean vase. So make sure to wash your flower vase thoroughly, and then don't feel afraid to add a bit of bleach if bacteria are in the water. Sugar and plant food go a long way, so don't skimp on either.

And, of course, make sure to remove any dried foliage and cut the stem; this will provide better water flow inside the flower and allow them to get back some vitality. Last but not least, feel free to Contact Us! We are flower experts in Toronto and have countless articles and advice ready for you, so let us know if you need anything, and remember that we are your definitive stop for everything flower related.

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