Kiss from A Rose – The Effects Flowers Have On Mood Elevations

Imagine a plain-white room, as white as a snow blizzard in the tiring early-morning haze, not a speck of color in sight. Now imagine that same white room with a vase of beautiful flower arrangements in the center, a selection of deep-red roses, violet tulips, and yellow daises bringing forth vibrancy and elegance. Now, notice the smile on your face.

Flowers have a large impact on the way we notice and perceive the space around us and the connections between us. With the high-tech and fast-paced lifestyles we live, it can be difficult to find the time to revel in the beauty of nature. How often is it that you have the time out of your busy schedule to stop by your local flower shop, if there even is one in your proximity, and take a whiff of their freshly stemmed lilacs? I would go ahead and venture a guess of seldom to never. What you would be surprised to learn however is that flowers have a significant influence in changing our moods.

Studies have shown that flowers have a large impact on our emotional wellbeing through elevating our emotions and providing us the sense of happiness, peace, and intimacy. In the presence of flowers, psychological and physiological factors of stress, anxiety, and depression are lowered which allows for a more relaxing and enjoyable relation.

A research conducted by Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University found that women’s moods become elevated when they are gifted flowers as opposed to other gifts such as fruit baskets and candles. When the women received their gifts, the researchers found that women who got flowers had a genuine smile, whereas some women who were gifted the fruit baskets or candles did not. Three days following the experiment, upon a contacting the women again, researchers found that the mood for the women whom received flowers was exceptionally better.  

The arrangement of flowers also conveys a particular emotion which can help influence these psychological effects it has on people. When you have a selection of apricot roses, yellow tulips, pale green carnations, chartreuse viburnum, and yellow freesias, it denotes nurturing and care. Whereas a bouquet of deep lavender roses, pale pink roses, champagne spray roses, grape hyacinth muscari, pale pink bouvardia can signify romance and intimacy. The perfect selection of flowers on the perfect occasion can really help set the mood for both the atmosphere and your significant other, so it is crucial that when selecting flowers you are aware of what you’re picking out.

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