Learn How To Speak The Language Of Flowers

Did you know that flowers have a language of their own? This language has to do with the meaning behind the flower and the significance the flower has for specific occasions. Once you learn how to speak this language you won’t have any problem selecting the best floral arrangements to send for various events or to convey specific feelings.

The gift of sending flowers has been used for decades to share our feelings and messages. For some people, a specific colour flower will bring back memories of a first date or first kiss. For other people, certain colours of flowers are associated with various holidays, like red and white for Valentine’s Day.

Aside from these special moments and meanings, let’s look at some specific types of flowers the meanings they hold.

Orchids: Orchids represent exquisite beauty and grace. The flower can symbolize charm, refinement, and luxury.

Carnations: Carnations often represent feelings of innocence and love. They can also be used to convey pride for the accomplishments of someone we care about, like a son or daughter graduating from university.

Lilies: There are several different types of lilies that represent beauty, purity, and remembrance. Some lilies are used for weddings to symbolize the beauty of the new bride. Other lilies are used for funerals to convey the departed loved one is remembered.

Irises: Irises carry different meanings based on the colour. Blue means hope and faith. White represents purity. Yellow implies passion, Purple implies wisdom beyond one’s years.

Alstroemeria: This flower represents fortune, wealth, and prosperity. People also send this flower as a sign of friendship.

Tulips: Tulips are typically used when one wants to declare their love for another. Some people even associate sending tulips when they have found their “soul mate.”

Daisies: Daisies can represent happiness and cheerfulness. They are also associated with the purity and innocence of childhood and transitioning to adulthood.

Roses: Roses are used to signify love, chastity, purity, admiration, passion, desire, and enchantment. The colour of rose sent will determine what meaning you want to convey.

For example, red roses indicate a deep love with deep emotions towards another. While lavender or purple roses indicate you are head over heels for someone you just met. Sending a mixed bouquet of different colours of roses means that you have feelings for the other person and like them.

Orange roses imply a burning desire and deep passion towards the other person. Pink roses indicate you care for the other person and admire them, but not in a deep romantic sort of way.

Pansies: Pansies are sent when you are thinking about the other person, like when they are sick, and you want to send them “get well” tidings.

Not sure what flowers and colours to send to represent what messages and feelings you want to convey? Our expert florists in Toronto are here to help.

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