6 Types of Most Popular and Classic Flower Arrangement Styles

Flowers mean a difference between aesthetically colored, pleasing spaces and dull ones. When it comes to the different arrangement patterns, be they traditional or modernistic, there is always a style that may suit your needs. Even so, achieving these patterns can be challenging. It's an art that requires keen attention. Below we go through some of these styles.

1. Bud Vase

Through the miniature base matches, small bouquets, or single flowers. You need a few blooms to create a different base arrangement. You may use colors of the exact sizes or shapes, then arrange them while leaving spaces between them. The aesthetic goal is to use several bud vases together, and you can feel free to play with colorful blooms.

2. Crescent patterns

A curved line with flower arrangements is sure to give a crescent shape. Though suitable for roses with long stems, they still work with any flowers or of different colors.

Assuming you got the flowers, you must customize your panel into a crescent shape. Then fill in the flowers: small ones to the sides and the tall ones at the center. Any spaces left should be filled with greenery or shorter flowers.

3. Cascade arrangement

To get that waterfall design, you must have a tall narrow vase. Flowers needed can vary, provided the stems are tall and flexible. Begin by cutting floral foam and fitting it in the container or vase. Place all the flowers on the floral foam. You may add greenery or other flowers to make the arrangement complete.

Being a tricky design, you must naturally place the flowers with the patterns. Spaces may be inevitable, and you need to know the suitable types of flowers and lengths that can be used to fill in.

4. Triangular patterns

Triangle patterns symbolize strength and are created with a variety of flowers. The choice hinges on the occasion. For instance, white ones are fancied for weddings to symbolize innocence, while black or yellow may be used for funerals.

The arrangement will necessitate tall ones to be at the center of the vase and the sequence of the short to shorter ones at the sides. The short flowers should embrace at the tip. Also, make sure they are tightly placed. Consider a floral foam.

5. Horizontal pattern

Despite the basis being horizontal, oval shapes may still be achieved simultaneously. All you need is flowers that will stay fresh for long. Do not use lilies or tulips; find something with a broad head and the capability to lay flat, perhaps roses.

Then make a shallow ditch or use a vase where you now horizontally arrange the flowers. The flowers should fan out in the middle, and the vase be filled with water. You may complement it with an accent or other greenery.

6. Wealth pattern

Fit for Christmas, these colorful designs can be made with flower varieties and still be functional for any occasion. You only have to choose a base of greenery that's fresh. Go on and incorporate your selected flowers by using a circular wire. Place the foliage and flowers in a circular pattern and fill the empty spaces.


So, these are the most popular and classic flower arrangement designs. But what remains is where to get you flowers. Regardless of the occasion or season, you can always count on Bloomen - the online florist, to deliver fresh flowers in Toronto.

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