The 5 Reasons Why You Need to Order Valentine's Flowers Early?

Valentine's Day might very well be the most romantic time of the year, and by picking the right flowers for that special person, you can provide an incredibly meaningful gesture to your significant other.

However, Valentine's is as popular as it is charming, which means you can expect the upcoming Valentine's season to be crowded and hectic. So instead of trying to rush through these upcoming dates, we recommend you take some time out of your day and start getting everything planned right now.

Today we'll be looking at 5 reasons why you should order Valentine's Day flowers early, So keep on reading and find out how this simple choice can make your upcoming celebrations easier and more special.


A lot of flowers are sold in February, and we mean a lot. What this means is that if you wait too long there's a very good chance your favourite flowers will be already sold out.

But if you order ahead of time you can arrange your bouquet as intended, and we'll be able to separate those flowers for you ahead of time. Ordering early is the best way to get exactly what you want on your bouquet. It's as simple as that.

Saving Money

Did you know that flowers are universally cheaper in January compared to February? Availability and demand affect the price of everything, flowers included, and as such, you might see a price increase on the days leading up to Valentine's.

However, the opposite also applies, and you might find better deals if you order early in January instead of waiting until February. So ordering early is not only less hassle, but it also tends to be cheaper.

Planned Deliveries

Many people try to avoid ordering ahead of time because they want their flowers to arrive precisely on February 14. But did you know that planned deliveries allow you to choose when your flowers arrive?

Ordering ahead of time doesn't force you to receive your flowers immediately; the arrival date is up for you to decide. So you can make your order one month ahead and still enjoy fresh flowers on Valentine's Day itself.

More Time

The faster you handle the bouquet, the more time you'll have to plan other gestures like a date or dinner night. If you are planning to make the perfect evening, the best thing you can do is to make arrangements and reservations ahead of time, that way everything will be accounted for and ready for the special day.

Reduce Stress

Planning stuff can be stressful, and planning the perfect date will be stressful, but planning the perfect day without enough time? That's just nerve-wracking.

By ordering your flowers early, you are avoiding any potential complications ahead of time and making sure that perhaps the most iconic gesture of Valentine's Day is properly secured. So save yourself the potential stress, and start ordering your bouquet right now.

At Bloomen, we have a wide selection of flowers and bouquets to choose from, so feel free to Contact Us through our website or phone, and we'll be able to come up with the perfect Valentines Day gift together.
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