Tips for Men on How to Select the Perfect Valentine’s Day Floral Bouquets

Valentine’s Day is the one holiday out of the year where your special someone will expect to receive a stunning and gorgeous floral arrangement from you. Yet, for most men, deciding what floral bouquets are perfect can be quite the challenge. To help ensure you choose the best Valentine’s Day flowers this year, check out our top tips every man needs to know.

Tip #1: Use a florist who uses fresh flowers.

One of the biggest mistakes men make is to use a florist who does not keep a regular supply of fresh flowers on hand. The bouquet that ends up getting sent to their loved one is not fresh, vibrant, and stunning. Always verify the florist gets fresh flower daily to ensure your bouquet will be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Tip #2: Do not wait until the last minute.

Another mistake men make is to wait until Valentine’s Day to get floral arrangements. If you wait until the actual holiday, by then, most florists are running low on roses, carnations, and other flowers popular for this holiday. It is better to order your bouquet now, so you can guarantee you can get the flowers you want for your loved one.

Tip #3: Include a vase with your floral arrangement.

Having Valentine’s Day flowers delivered in a box sends the wrong message to your special someone. They can be led to think you do not care as much as you say you do. To avoid this mistake, make sure to have the florist include a matching vase that complements the flowers.

Tip #4: Include a personalized message to your loved one.

It is equally important to include a personalized message when sending flowers for Valentine’s Day. Simply putting “I love you” is not always sufficient. Make sure to think about how much your special someone means to you and let your feelings show in your personalized message.

Tip #5: Sending red roses when your loved one hates roses.

Another common mistake men make is assuming because it is Valentine’s Day, even though their loved one does not like roses, it is still acceptable to send roses. If your loved one dislikes roses, then send them flowers they like and enjoy. There are carnations, lilies, and tons of other flowers that can be used to create a beautiful Valentine’s Day floral arrangement.

Tip #6: Take the time to review delivery times and order cut off times.

It is wise to review the florist’s delivery times and order cut off times to ensure your Valentine Day’s flowers are delivered in the appropriate time frame, such as between 9 am and 5 pm or between 5 pm and 9 pm.

Even if you are not sure whether your special someone thinks getting flowers on Valentine’s Day is important, it is still better to send flowers to show them how much you love and care about them. 

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