What Are Everlasting Roses?

Everlasting roses are a type of rose that have undergone a special process of stabilization to preserve it so that it will last for a year or longer. The process can be applied to a wide range of roses. The stabilization process also maintains the natural softness and beauty of the roses.

How Are Roses Selected for Everlasting Roses?

Roses are hand-picked when they are in the optimal stage of development before they are fully mature

How Are Roses Transformed into Everlasting Roses?

Skilled and trained florists take the roses they selected and apply the special stabilization process by hand to each rose. The process must be performed carefully to ensure the best quality Everlasting Roses.

The natural floral sap inside the rose is carefully removed and replaced with a special mixture of various ingredients that slows the “aging” process of the roses. Essentially, the growth process is drastically reduced so that the roses can last a year or longer.

How Do Everlasting Roses Feel?

Everlasting roses still have the silky soft rose petal feel. The stabilizing process also ensures the natural color of the flowers are retained.

What Do Everlasting Roses Floral Arrangements Look Like?

Everlasting roses can be placed inside an acrylic container. It is not uncommon for the roses to be placed on top of coloured stones, faux pearls, or faux gemstones to enhance the beauty and charm of the Everlasting Roses.

How Are Everlasting Roses Cared For?

Everlasting Roses are very easy to care for since they have undergone the special stabilization process. They never require watering at any time. They also do not need direct sunlight. In fact, they should be displayed in an area where they get indirect sunlight.

You should also keep your Everlasting Roses inside in a controlled environment. They cannot handle extreme temperature changes and should never be placed outdoors, or you will damage them.

What Occasions Do People Send Everlasting Roses?

Everlasting Roses are perfect for any occasion or time of year. Some of the more popular occasions people surprise their loved ones with Everlasting Roses include:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Mother’s Day
  • The Arrival of a New Baby
  • The Winter Holiday Season

As you can imagine, Everlasting Roses are immensely popular and tend to sell out quickly when they are available. As such, it is highly recommended to order your Everlasting Roses well in advance.

For further information about Everlasting Roses or to place an order, browse our Everlasting Rose Collections online or contact Bloomen at 1-844-256-6636 today! Bloomen deliver Everlasting Rose Arrangements throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

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