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This bouquet is crafted with a harmonious mix of pink, yellow, and white lilies, accompanied by salal foliage. This arrangement promises to fill the recipient's home with the lovely petals and beautiful aroma of blooming lilies.
As the blooms open, "Your Love" becomes an evolving masterpiece, brightening every corner. This bouquet is not just a gift; it's a celebration of life's beautiful moments, an embodiment of cheerfulness that brings joy to any occasion.
Perfect for celebrating a great moment! The cheerful blend of pink, yellow, and white lilies symbolizes love, friendship, and purity, creating a bouquet that resonates with the diverse emotions life has to offer.

Please Note: Since these flowers are so fresh, they will likely be closed upon delivery. Flowers may take up to 5-7 days to blossom from the date of delivery

Vase not included. Please proceed to check out to add on a vase.

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