9 Reasons To Send Floral Bouquets During The COVID-19 Crisis

Sending fresh flowers with contactless delivery during the COVID-19 crisis provide many benefits for the recipient. The bright, colourful arrangements and wonderful scents can do wonders to brighten up the home. Other reasons to send floral bouquets include:


1. Fresh flowers help people maintain a positive mood

It is easy to get depressed and feel lonely when social distancing at home away from friends and family. A stunning floral arrangement can brighten up someone’s day, improve their mood, and let them know you are thinking about them.


2. People who get fresh flowers delivered weekly are more relaxed and happier

Flowers do more than make the home look great. They can also help us relax and put a smile on our faces. With regular deliveries, the positive energy gained helps reduce anxiety and stress brought on by the COVID-19 crisis.


3. Floral arrangements can make people feel more compassionate

People who get flowers are more likely to be more compassionate towards others. They are also more likely to return the favour and send floral arrangements to others to spread happiness.


4. Fresh flowers can help people feel better physically

Know someone who needs an energy boost? They can experience one with a surprise delivery of fresh flowers to their doorstep.


5. Flower delivery helps the elderly during these uncertain times

Many grandparents have been cut off from their children and grandchildren. When they receive flowers from their children and grandchildren, it will brighten up their day and lift their spirits, so they do not feel as lonely.


6. Floral arrangements with greenery help to bring the outdoors indoors

Visible flowers with greenery can make us feel one with nature, even when we cannot get outdoors. Exposure to nature-like surroundings can help reduce stress and encourage positive emotional responses.


7. The person who sent the flowers feels a sense of joy and happiness

When you send flowers, it makes you feel happy and full of joy. You know you are doing something wonderful for someone you care about. Plus, it helps foster a sense of caring and love not just towards yourself but others too.


8. Flowers will but a smile on just about anyone’s face

The scent and smell of fresh flowers do wonders to help people smile. The more people smile, the more the body releases chemicals that produce a positive mood response in the body.


9. Receiving floral bouquets makes the recipient feel special

When someone receives the gift of flowers delivered to their home, it makes them feel like they are important and special. Who doesn’t like experiencing those feelings?

To surprise someone, you care about with a delivery of fresh flowers in Toronto and the GTA, order online at Bloomen today! You may also call us at 844-256-6636 if you have questions or would like to send a customized arrangement.

Don’t forget to also brighten up your home by sending yourself fresh flowers too!

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