What to do With Dried Flowers?

Botanists, painters, and hobbyists have been crushing and drying plants and flowers for hundreds of years, further turning them into gorgeous dried flowers crafts. Some also use dried flowers to create interesting works of art. The most amazing part about utilizing dried flowers is that, if properly cared for, you can nearly guarantee that they can last for years! You can make a lovely keepsake, especially if they are prepared for a special event, such as a wedding bouquet or anniversary flowers. If you are wondering what to do with dried roses and other blooms, scroll down.


Here are a bunch of some easy-to-pull-off yet cool ideas that can put those dried flowers to lovely use.

1. Arrange Flowers in a Container

Arranging dried flowers in a vase is the most typical technique to display them. Begin by placing floral froth at the bottom of your jar. Spread the tallest foliage evenly first, then position the smaller leaves and stems or flowers, reducing the stem length as needed to achieve the desired form. You may use any type of vase to make a beautiful centrepiece or try a wicker tote or basket for a unique look. Rice blossoms, lilac, and bunny-tailed grass will give these a French provincial air.

2. Make a Wreath or a Flower Crown with Dried Flowers

Turning those blooms into a pretty wreath is one of the most amazing dried flower crafts. You can transform dried flowers into a boho-inspired all-dry flower crown. Choose color combinations based on the outfits, wedding theme, and season if crafting a wreath for an occasion. One may create a magnificent full-dried crown with all textures in lovely tones.

3. Gift Wrap with Little Dried Flowers and Leaves

An arrangement of flowers used to wrap gifts is an example of a unique way to use dried flowers. Attach bouquets of flowers and greenery to all gift wrappings to add a floral touch to the package. Wrap the gift in twine, then set the dried flower bouquet on top. Finish that off with a tight knot or bow, and you have got yourself a lovely dried flower present!

4. Cook and Eat the Flowers

Yes! You can cook and eat dried flowers. This trend may be rare, but it has been in existence for centuries around the globe. There are many recipes in ancient times and currently that include flowers. In ancient Rome, roses were used extensively as a flavouring agent. Flowers have been part of recipes for their delightful smell, touch, and smell.

It's not surprising that we've ended up eating some flowers. However, some flowers can be poisonous. You should stick to edible flowers like cloves, dandelions, clover, citrus blossom, honeysuckle, hibiscus, lavender, roses, pansies, violets, and sunflowers. It also helps to use them as part of a recipe to know exactly how they should be prepared and consumed.

5. Make Flower Teabags

You could also drink dried flowers. To do this, you'll need to make flower tea bags. You can start by crashing the flowers into a powder-like form and filling the mixture into a sachet bag. Alternatively, put some flowers in a cup and add hot water.

Flower tea has been around for centuries and has many benefits, from stress relief to improved digestion and immunity. However, you'll need to make tea with edible flowers only.

6. Make Flower Hairbands

You could also make your own hairband made of flowers. This use case is ideal for dried flowers that will bend easily and won't leave much residue. You can attach suitable dried flowers to your bobby or hair clip and create a natural and beautiful hair accessory.

7. Create Natural Dye

You could also create natural dye with dried flowers. The flowers are very colorful. They can produce a lot of color, which can be harnessed for many things. You just need to boil the dried flowers together or separately based on the color of the dye you are making. When you cool down the resulting mixture, you'll get a colorful dye that can be used to dye paper or fabric and create unique and beautiful effects.

8. Add Dried Flowers to Your Skincare Routine

Flowers may also have some skincare benefits. There are studies on plant extracts having antimicrobial and antioxidant activities. Floral extracts have antioxidants and vitamins that can cleanse, moisturize and smoothen skin. Dried flowers can therefore be the "key" to rejuvenating the skin and eliminating signs of aging.

You can prepare your own essential oil using flowers to be able to enjoy the skincare benefits of dried flowers. A popular DIY (or do-it-yourself) way of making essential oils from flowers is to mix your dried flowers with a carrier oil like coconut oil and let the mixture stay for two days. Strain the resulting mixture adding dried flowers and repeating the process for a stronger scent.

9. Make an Insect Repellent

Some flowers have insect-repelling properties like, lavender. These flowers can be dried and mixed with other flowers and herbs like basil, mint, thyme, petunias, lemongrass, and alliums to create a powerful insect repellant that you can spray on entryways like doors and windows as well as furniture to keep annoying and harmful insects away from your home.

10. Create Flower-Scented Soap

Dried flowers can also be the main ingredient in a homemade DIY soap-making project. You can collect enough dried flowers to make essential oil and then add them to melted soap. Proceed by pouring the molten soap into soap moulds of your choice to create beautiful scented handmade soap that you can use or gift to friends, colleagues, and family members.

11. Make Homemade Incense

Your dried flowers can also be the main ingredient for homemade incense. Simply grind the dried flowers into a powder and mix them with essential oils. Add other ingredients like resins or play with different essential oils to create a unique fragrant incense that you can burn in your home or space to create a calming space. Homemade incense can also purify your space or simply offer a lovely scent.

12. Make Natural Hanging Décor

Lastly, you could carefully salvage dried flowers and use them as décor for your next celebration. Instead of buying decorations for a wedding or birthday celebration, you can punch holes in dried flower petals and attach them together using a string to form natural hanging décor.


There you go. If you love flowers but worry about their perishability, the above information should put you to ease. After a week or ten days are over, your dried flowers can still be incredibly useful. You can revive some types of flowers, You can also make everything from art to tea, spices, soap, hair accessories, a skincare product, and more. Provided you practice caution when choosing dried flowers for sensitive applications like cooking and making skincare products, you shouldn't have a problem.

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