What to Do With Dead Flowers: 8 Creative Ways to Repurpose Them

It is no secret that we all love flowers. It brightens up the occasion and instantly changes the mood. If you often receive flowers, the thought of having to dispose them off could be unsettling. 

But the good thing is:

You can transform them into other intriguing forms. This guide covers 8 ways you can repurpose your bouquet and get the most out of them.

Let’s dive right in: 

  • Frame them
  • If dried flowers still excite you, you can place them in picture frames and pin them on the wall. To dry, you can put them in between pages of a book and slightly press them. 

  • Use Them in Your Journal
  • If you keep journals, you might consider preserving flowers you receive and document the memories associated with them. You can do so by sticking the flowers to pages of your journal and leave a note. 

  • Create Wall Art
  • Another way of repurposing your flowers is by drying them and stick on the wall. You can try out various patterns and give your wall a whole new look. 

  • Make Beads out of Flower Petals 
  • If you are fascinated with jewellery, you might want to create homemade beads out of flower petals. To do so, you will need to add water to a saucepan and cook flower petals. Afterwards, mould the thick content into beads of various sizes. 

  • Make Flower Petal Confetti
  • Confetti is common on special occasions such as birthday parties and weddings. The conventional materials used to make confetti is plastic or paper, but you could still make them using flower petals. By just mixing dried petals, you can come up with eco-friendly confetti to use for that occasion. 

  • Make Candles 
  • The list of what you can do with your flowers is virtually limitless. You can choose to place some dried ones in wax and make homemade candles. Whereas it cannot add scent to your candles, dried flowers could still make stunning candles. 

  • Add Flowers to Gift Wrapping
  • Another thrilling idea to repurpose dead flowers is to use them in gift wrapping. You can do so by securing them with twine or ribbon. If you have small flowers, you could even have them enclosed with your gifts. No one hates flowers, and your recipient will be excited to receive a gift with flowers.

  • Make a homemade suncatcher 
  • Another fun idea to do with your dead flowers is to transform them into a homemade suncatcher. These are ornaments placed in windows to spice up your home lighting. All you have to do is arrange flowers in patterns of your choice and enclose them in two pieces of plastic or glass. After sealing the edges, you can hang them in your window and enjoy the dazzling light every morning.


    The list of what you can do with your dead flowers is virtually endless. By being creative enough, you can transform them into something fancy. Do not consider throwing them away the next time you receive them as a gift. 


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