Enjoy These Great Benefits with a Flower Subscription Plan

From streaming services and book clubs to grocery delivery and meal planning, it seems like there are tons of subscription services. Another subscription service that many people are discovering is a weekly or monthly flower subscription plan.

Fresh flowers are one of the best subscriptions you could sign up for. You get stunning and gorgeous flowers in Toronto delivered to your home or office to liven it up. People also enjoy these great benefits with a weekly or monthly flower subscription plan:

#1: Flower subscriptions are an affordable way to enjoy fresh flowers.

Flowers are delivered for free to your home or office. Most subscriptions cost less than purchasing the floral arrangements individually without a subscription plan. Many florists will provide a bulk-rate discount for their subscribers that is lower than regular market prices. So, you get to enjoy fresh flowers at a lower price with free delivery.

#2: Flower subscriptions help brighten up your home or office.

You never know what mix of colourful flowers you will get with each delivery. Yet, you do know the flowers will be freshly cut and will last a week or two with proper care. Adding just a little bit of colour and greenery the floral arrangement provides can be exactly what is needed to brighten up your home or office.

#3: Flower subscriptions are great for showing someone you care about them.

You can set up a flower subscription for someone you love. For example, if your spouse enjoys being surprised with fresh flowers, but you tend to forget to surprise them as often as they would like, a flower subscription is perfect for you. You can have fresh flowers delivered weekly or monthly to surprise your loved one with a new arrangement at each delivery.

#4: Flower subscriptions will put a smile on your face.

You could be having a bad day, and suddenly your fresh flower subscription arrives. The flowers have an immediate effect on your mood and help make you smile. Whatever was wrong will seem less important. Plus, fresh flowers can help you maintain positive moods longer, even when things do not go as planned.

#5: There are different flower subscription plans available.

Most florists offer several different flower subscription plans you can choose from, like a small surprise box, medium surprise box, or large surprise box. Each box of flowers will contain a different number of stems, consist of 1 to 3 different types of flowers, and some greenery to fill out the bouquet. Best of all, you can switch between plans whenever you want.

#6: Flower subscriptions are all-inclusive.

Your weekly or monthly flower subscription price includes delivery, flower food, flower care instructions, personalized message, and a vase for your freshly cut floral arrangement.

To sign up for a monthly or weekly flower subscription plan in the GTA, subscribe now online at Bloomen. You may also contact us directly at (844) 256-6636 if you have further questions about our flower subscription plans in Toronto and the GTA. We are also available in Mississauga, Brampton and North York.

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