Choosing Color For The “Get Well Soon” Flower Bouquet

Whenever your friend or a family member gets sick, the first thought you have is to help them either by being at their side or sending a flower bouquet. A hospital room can feel boring and gloomy, so to brighten the day of your loved one, sending flowers is a good idea. 

When it comes to flowers, there is no wrong choice. However, florists recommend bright colored flowers to make the patient feel happy and energetic. Help your close ones by sending them flowers in cheerful colors like red, yellow, green, pink, orange, purple, and fuchsia. 

What Do Different Color Flowers Mean? 

All flowers are bewitching regardless of their color. But it is good to know what different colors of flowers mean to make a more accurate choice when it comes to your loved ones. Let us help you decide the perfect color for a get well soon flower bouquet to enhance the recovery of your dear one. 

1 - Red     

Everyone knows that a red color flower symbolizes love, strength, passion, and desire. A red-colored flower bouquet looks rick and irresistible. Send this to your loved one and express your warm wishes. 

2 - Yellow

There is no other color as vibrant and lively as yellow. It reminds people of sunflowers that face each other when there is no sunlight. This can brighten up anyone’s mood and bring them joy. The yellow color is perfect for your friends; it builds confidence and improves brain functions. 

3 - Orange 

The orange color symbolizes warmth, creativity, joy, and enthusiasm. Gift orange flowers to someone you care for. It will make them snap out of dismay and give them hopes to get well even sooner. 

4 - Green 

Nature is green in color. It symbolizes life and relaxes the body and mind. The green color is also known to improve eyesight. People also believe that the green color has healing powers. Sending a green bouquet to a sick person will make them feel fresh, help in reducing anxiety. 

5 - Pink 

The pink color is associated with good health, youth, kindness, and innocence. This alluring color also symbolizes femininity. Send pink flowers as a get well soon gift to your dear one and make their day jovial. 

6 - Purple 

Purple is a combination of red and blue; this color is magical. Purple represents energy, stability, confidence, and luxury. And that’s not all. It also signifies wealth, independence, devotion, and peace. Send irresistible orchids or lavender to your loved ones and help them gain their strength back.

7 - Blue 

Blue is the color of the sky and ocean. It gives peace and vision. The blue color is associated with inspiration, imagination, and open spaces. It is also the color of bravery. 

8 - Fuchsia 

This hot pink color is a symbol of boldness. It is a mix of red and purple. Fuchsia is a color of maturity, assurance, and compassion. Send flowers of this enchanting color to your beloved and show your care and compassion for them. 

A Final Note 

While all the colors have distinct characteristics, you can also make a combination to bring harmony. Feminine colors like pink, fuchsia, purple, and lavender are recommended by florists for women. For men, colors like red, orange, blue is recommended. However, there is no gender barrier in colors and flowers as long as they bring us hope and joy! 

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