Why Should You Give Everlasting Roses on Valentine’s Day?

Roses have long been the top flower given on Valentine’s Day to show one’s love for someone special. In recent years, the tradition of giving roses has been enhanced thanks to the creation of Everlasting Roses. The reason the popularity of Everlasting Roses has grown is this type of rose lasts a long time. So, your beloved can enjoy the beauty of roses for numerous months or even longer!

What Are Everlasting Roses?

Everlasting Roses are handcrafted using special processes to preserve the gorgeous beauty and color of the rose. As such, they arrive in their own special container for easy display just about anywhere in the home. Everlasting Roses are perfect for your loved one because they do not require watering. They can enjoy their roses day after day and remember how much you love them.

What Do We Give Roses at Valentine’s Day?

According to Luth Research, 91% of men give their loved ones Valentine’s Day flowers to show their love for their significant other. The red color of roses has long been associated with love, passion, and romance.

While regular roses tend to last a few weeks with proper care, most men want their significant others to convey a deep love and commitment, which is better reflected through the gift of Everlasting Roses.

Benefits of Giving Everlasting Roses to Your Loved One

Aside from easy-care, there are several other benefits of surprising your loved one with Everlasting Roses this Valentine’s Day including:

  • A variety of different types of displays and colors. You can find red roses, white roses, and pink roses. You can choose from a different number of roses in the display as well.
  • Customizations may be available. You might be able to request a combination of different colors of Everlasting Roses to create a unique display featured red, white, and pink roses.
  • More affordable than sending fresh flowers every week. Since Everlasting Roses last a long time, they are more economical and affordable. Plus, they retain their beauty and elegance.
  • Helps the environment. Sending Everlasting Roses is also great for the environment because it helps conserve water and reduces your carbon footprint. Not to mention, you help reduce the number of fresh flowers used for floral arrangements.
  • Allows you to declare your love daily. Since Everlasting Roses last a long time, your loved one is reminded of your love every day.

When you are looking for roses to send your significant other this Valentine’s Day, why not surprise them with Everlasting Roses? Don’t delay! Due to the popularity of Everlasting Roses, they tend to sell out quickly. Make sure to order your Everlasting Roses today to ensure delivery for Valentine’s Day!

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