Sending the Gift of Happiness with Flowers

Flowers have the most amazing power to lift your mood. They can be used for many occasions, and they can also be given as surprise gifts to make someone smile.

Since people experience emotions differently, some flowers and colors have a more significant positive impact than others. But no matter your mood, having a gorgeous bouquet of hand-picked flowers delivered by your online florist in Toronto is perfect for an occasion when you want to help someone else feel just as happy as they make you!

Energizing Effects

Colour therapists, or chromatherapists, work with different colors corresponding with a person's natural vibrations throughout the body. If you need some equilibrium, then it seems color can help restore balance.

Happy colours

In addition to being delightful, some colors can be more uplifting than others. Wearing or receiving items with happy and bright colours like yellow, orange, pink, and red on Mother's Day can boost your mood.

Bright colours and lighter shades are more likely to make you feel optimistic. To create the best mood, use bright colours together with other primary and secondary colours for an upbeat effect.

But what about mood-boosting flowers? Fortunately, there are plenty of happy blooms and colours to choose from. With a bit of help from the Flower Council of Holland, here are our favorites.

Pink tulips

Tulips have a positive effect on emotions; they produce feelings of kindness and compassion. Tulip bouquets make the perfect centerpiece in springtime Mother's Day or even Easter arrangements.

Yellow chrysanthemums

The color yellow, experts tell us, inspires feelings and emotions of happiness and warmth – for obvious reasons! - as well as confidence, clarity, and contentment. It can be a remedy for stress or anxiety that people might experience in certain life events, such as starting a new job. For Mother's Day and Easter celebrations alike, it's the perfect choice of flower.

Orange ranunculus

Orange is the warmest tone and looks like a sunset, one of nature's most comforting sights, which means it should make everyone feel happy. The warm color of orange makes it a particularly apt choice for rebalancing joy, optimism, and wisdom.

Red gerberas

Of course, flowers are an unbeatable way to spark romance, but some blooms may be more effective than others. Red is firery and is the colour of romance and passion. An order of red flowers on Valentine's Day always makes people happy!!

Instead of getting red roses for Valentine's Day, opt for these trendy flowers with their fun aspects that add to the mood-lifting appeal.

Purple anemones

Purples help to stimulate feelings of inspiration, creativity, and calmness. Purple is full of life and energy in colour therapy. Hues of purple and blue can help balance out emotions by giving the recipient a sense of calm.

Purple anemones tend to inspire feelings of motivation and inspiration, which is the perfect way to get some work done.

Work with our Designers

Sending happy flowers couldn't be easier thanks to our great online flower ordering system in MississaugaBramptonNorth York. Include a message and add to that smile. Our designer florists are available to help you navigate our wide selection and make this happy gift even more special!

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