8 Tips for Selecting & Sending Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to place your order to send flowers in Toronto to show your mother how much you love and care about her. One of the most popular gifts for this holiday celebration is floral arrangements.

Tip #1: Order early for the best selections.

If you wait until the last minute, you will find it can be more difficult getting the flowers your mother likes and enjoys. By placing your order now, you ensure your mother will be surprised with her favorite flowers that are delivered right to her doorstep.

Tip #2: Decide if substitutions are acceptable.

There can be supply issues with certain types of flowers due to the global pandemic. It is always a good idea to decide what types of flowers are acceptable as substitutions if your preferred flowers are not available. To find out if there will be supply issues and what substitutions are available, call the florist directly.

 Tip #3: Include a gorgeous vase.

While your mother may have plenty of vases, include one that matches her Mother’s Day floral arrangement and will highlight the stunning and fragrant flowers. For example, a pink-colored glass vase is the perfect complement to pink and purple blooms.

Tip #4: Include a heart-felt personalized message.

Do not forget to include a personalized message with your Mother’s Day flowers. You want to put some thought into the message that conveys the love you have for your mother.

Tip #5: Include a gift basket.

If you will not be seeing your mother this year, you may want to include a gift basket with your Mother’s Day flowers. One of the more popular gift basket options is a charcuterie board with various snacks and treats.

Tip #6: Add a live plant or two.

If your mother likes indoor house plants, you may want to add a live plant or two for Mother’s Day to go along with the beautiful fresh floral blooms. The greenery of the live plants will further complement the bouquet.

Tip #7: Get a customized floral arrangement.

If you cannot find the perfect bouquet from the available online options, call the florist directly. Most are more than happy to custom-create the perfect floral arrangement for your mother for Mother’s Day.   

Tip #8: Do not forget to send flowers to your spouse.

If you have children, make sure to send a floral bouquet from them. If they are old enough, have them help you select what types of flowers they want to send their mom. Even if your spouse is not a mother, she will appreciate being surprised when flowers are delivered in time for Mother’s Day.

To order Mother’s Day flowers, live plants, or gift baskets with free delivery in Toronto, Mississauga Brampton North York and the GTA, please feel free to browse our selections online and order today! Please feel free to contact Bloomen at (844) 256-6636 if you would like to create a custom arrangement or have further questions.
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